Monday, December 31, 2012

A Look Back at 2012

This is always my favorite post of the year.  It's so much fun for me to go back through all these posts and remember the things I forgot I did.  Here's 2011 if you want to read it again.

January- I wrote a to-do list, cooked some weird-looking stuff, fixed some holes, I considered giving up tv, I wrote about lawyers and makeup, I made new holes, and then I quit writing.

June- I started back writing.

July- We tore up our driveway, I wrote about my hippie fails, I got a weird compliment, Boots and I did some math, and then I felt really bad.

August- We ate pizza, I ate eggs, I was really sleepy, and I went to the doctor.

September- I was 12 weeksbought something for Frank, wrote about cell phones, I dreamed, Boots dreamed, I gave advice on chicken, 14 weeks, I plotted against a tree, 15 weeks, my sister had a shower, and I looked at beds.

October- 17 weeks, I had an expensive dream, 18 weeks, I made the most beautiful and delicious cake ever, 19 weeks, I posted pictures of how bad our kitchen and bathroom were for all the nonbelievers, and I wrote about makeup again.

November- I talked to myself,  21 weeks, I posted pictures of how good our kitchen and bathroom looked, the baby kicked Boots, I got a surprise, Frank went outside, I felt ironic, 23 weeks, we had Thanksgiving, 24 weeks, I was November, and we saw the baby again.

December- We finally got new closet doors, Boots painted, 25 weeks, more math, daycare, 26 weeks, 27 weeks, our tree, Christmas with my mom, Christmas with my dad, 28 weeks and a doctor's appointment.

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