Monday, October 15, 2012

More Dreams (One in My Head, One Tangible)

In the weirdest of weird dreams, I dreamed the baby was born on a cruise ship. My whole entire family was there, like we'd planned for the baby to be born on a cruise ship. There were dolphins on the cruise ship that you swam with in the pools. We never named the kid after it was born. And where was Boots? I don't remember seeing him once! But my dad was there, which everyone knows would never, ever happen in a zillion years. He's only a fan of water when he's on land.

Anyways, away from the not-chemically-induced nonsense inside my head here's something real.

Photo from here.

This is Stokke. Or as I call it, Brokke because that's what you'll be after you drop nearly a thousand big ones on this thing. Unless you're a Trump or somebody equally rich, then no big deal. "I'll take two." Whatever.

Outrageous price tag aside, this thing is cool. The first (and only) time I've ever seen one was probably a year ago in Barnes and Noble with my mom. I wasn't even thinking about babies (and certainly not planning to start cooking one of my own) but, I was captivated by the sheer awesomeness of it.

The lady behind the wheel was pushing an older baby without the infant carrier attachment and the kid just looked so happy and secure, so high up off the ground where he could see but, not touch anything which is pretty important in my book. It maneuvered around the aisles so effortlessly. Hers was green too!

I put it on my mental "gotta get me one of those one day" list right at there very moment. I should have asked her right then and there how much that bad boy cost and went ahead and broke my heart myself in the middle of the classics.

If I'd known where to start (other than "space age awesome baby stroller") I would have googled it and found out myself but, as luck would have it (or in this case unluck) the stroller link was emailed to me by one of those baby websites with a 20% off coupon to add insult to injury. It's still too much!

Just know, I like the way it looks and I wanted to share it with you so maybe one of you bazillionaires can try it out for me. I want you to be my guinea pig, I might not even like it in real life.


Travel & Dive Girl said...

Well, I'll say this - if I win the lottery between now and when your baby is born, I'll buy it for you. Heck, I'll buy you one is each color because they do look awesome!

Rachel said...

I know, right! ;)