Tuesday, October 16, 2012

18 Weeks

No photo this week since my photographer is working late and it's dark now.

Boots and I finally decided on a crib and it's not the one I posted about before. We sold the queen bed that's been living in the baby's room for the past six months and tomorrow I'm going to start cleaning out the closet. I'm feeling motivated to go through and get rid of things.

I think I've started feeling the baby move. I was sitting at the railroad tracks Friday morning waiting my turn to stop and drive over the tracks and I felt something like a little thump on the inside. I've spent the past couple of days wondering if that was really what I felt. Washing lunch dishes at work today I felt the tiny thump again so I'm pretty sure the kid was pushing off the wall, making another lap.

I still haven't been sick even once, which I am especially happy about and have been reassured multiple times that I probably won't be, even though the next baby might be a different story.

My clothes have started getting tight and I'm down to one suit for work. The good news is October is one of our two months for suit allowance so I have an even better excuse for new clothes shopping.

Maybe next week my photographer will have more time for photoshoots during daylight hours. ;)

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