Monday, October 22, 2012

Success in the Kitchen!

*This post has been "cooking" for several days. Here's hoping I found a new blog app that works!*

Hello, beautiful!  Isn't that just the prettiest?

Thursday I made this Glazed Triple-Chocolate Pound Cake from Real Simple magazine.

After much "You're really not going to let me have a piece?" from Boots, I took it to work Friday and my coworkers just loved it.  I did too, mainly because I know what a crap baker I am and it turned out fantastically, super chocolatey and moist.  Don't serve this to your vanilla lovers!

I did cut Boots a big piece and brought it home to him but, his feelings were still hurt about eating "leftover" cake and not getting to try it first so not much of a review from him.

I ran out of eggs after making the cake so I stopped by a man's house a few miles down the road to buy some eggs.  I've seen his sign about selling eggs every morning on my way to work for the past two years and I decided I wanted to buy some "real" eggs (Boots makes fun of me every time I say that) but, the man was fresh out.

So I came back by Friday afternoon on my way home from work and he had saved me a dozen.

Look at these beautiful babies!  (Yellow cartons do you no favors when photographing, ahem!)

They're all different shades of brown and some of them have little freckles on them.  The man said his 44 hens and 4 roosters are Rhode Island Reds and Dominickers.  He keeps them in two separate pens at night (The Northern Chickens and The Southern Chickens-- they don't associate. Ha!) and they roam during the day.

Three bucks is a mighty fine price for "real" eggs in my mind, especially after Boots said they tasted better than he expected.  I count that as a win!


Travel & Dive Girl said...

OMG! I'm so jealous of your mad baking skills! Seriously I cannot bake - at all, so that looks awesome. Congratulations!

Rachel said...

Thanks! They're hollering for more and this was super easy to make but, chocolate is pricey!