Tuesday, November 6, 2012

21 Weeks

  Not much new news to report baby-wise.  I'm confused about what size it is according to the fruit/vegetable descriptions.  One source says carrot, the other says mango.  Quite a difference there.  Skinny and pointy or big and round.
  I did read an interesting tidbit that the "water" (let's just call it that to be polite) the kid is swimming in is flavored by what I eat and that the kid is drinking it.  And then peeing it back out.  This is getting gross pretty fast.  Anyways, the water tastes like what I eat so the kid is getting used to whatever I'm eating.  If I eat lots of vegetables and fruits now and not so much other stuff, the kid should like fruits and vegetables when it gets here.  Sure hope so.

  And...... the baby has hair!  White hair because it doesn't have any pigment yet.  That's ok, I already know what color its hair is likely to be since mine and Boots' hair color is so similar.  A blue-eyed, dark-blonde/light-brown haired baby.  The nose and ears are up in the air still.  I'm just hoping the kid doesn't get one each of our ears.  (Boots' lobes are connected, mine aren't.)

  Check out my baby belly.  I skipped the cute bump and went for the whole thing!

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