Sunday, December 9, 2012

Child Care

I was listening to the radio after leaving church about an hour ago and a PSA came on about whether or not your child care provider is state licensed and inspected.

After checking out the website they gave, I learned that my #1 daycare pick is exempt because it is part of a religious institute. The same goes for my second and third choices. The fourth choice on my list is state licensed though.

Is this something that really matters and that I should be overly concerned about? Part of me is worried, but part of me thinks that even though they are exempt doesn't mean they are substandard and unworthy of my baby. Kinda like whether the guys at the farmers market can afford to be certified organic even though they may be in actuality. Is this something else the government has regulated and is trying to scare us with?

You can check it out for yourself at

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Travel & Dive Girl said...

I don't think licensing matters. As long as you are comfortable and you know your child is being well cared for, a license shouldn't be required. I toured some "licensed" facilities when looking for childcare for my son and some of them were horrible. In the end, I chose homecare by a wonderful lady and he stayed with her until he went to school and then went there before and after until he was old enough to walk to school on his own.

Rachel said...

That's kind of what I thought......