Saturday, December 22, 2012

Our Christmas Tree, 2012

This year's tree is very simple.

We only put up the five foot, pre-lit tree as opposed to the gorgeous 8 footer and decorated it with ornaments like glittery poinsettias, birds, and ornaments with ribbons that don't require hooks because I'm pregnant and lazy, even though BootsElf hauled all the Christmas stuff down from the attic. Next year I plan for this tree to be all cute and festive in the baby's room. Hope this kid's a girl because I've got a LOT of Barbie ornaments!

After it was up and decorated Boots requested a tree skirt, but you can see all he got was a forest of white pinecones and my magazine tree instead. Perhaps he should have thought of that earlier in the year before I decided I didn't like to crochet. Between now and next year I'll put that on my "maybe I'll get creative" list.

Notice the one lone present. Fake. Or maybe symbolic. This year I didn't buy a single present. The gifts I am giving are homemade and (supposed to be) edible. I didn't buy any ornaments either. Boots and I have saved our dollars like rats to get our tub painted (that's where the empty, but wrapped, present comes in.) Merry Christmas to us! I'm so excited!

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