Wednesday, December 26, 2012


*This week's baby update is a day late on purpose because I wanted to combine it with a doctor's appointment update.*

The kid hiccuped to at least 60 before I lost track in church Sunday night.

It's very opinionated (you're not surprised?) and doesn't like me propping books or setting remotes on my belly when I'm laying down. I get rewarded with some type of roundhouse kick or karate jujitsu move. I can't see in there but it seems like things get pretty wild at times!

Eating breakfast is a little tricky when someone is kicking your stomach.

I took my sugar test at the doctor this morning and I passed it the first time. (The juice wasn't as bad as I'd heard it would be, sort of like a melted Popsicle.) 122 out of "it can't be over 140." My iron was perfect she said, 12.7, so no nasty iron pills for me. Yay!

I lost a pound from last month. (How did that happen?) My belly measured on schedule and the baby's heartbeat sounded good.

One of my coworkers gave me two birth books for Christmas- Hypnobirthing and Lamaze. If I had the Bradley Method book I'd have the hippie section covered. When I told her thanks for the present she said, "I know how you pregnant types like to read." ha!

My appointments are now three weeks apart instead of the normal once a month or every five weeks.

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