Tuesday, January 10, 2012

How Can I Make This Happen?

  Three years ago, my TV broke.  I posted funeral arrangements for it on Facebook and everybody laughed.  I went almost four months without buying a new one and honestly it was one of the best times of my life.

  I felt like I accomplished so much without being zoned into the TV and imaginarily tied down to the couch by the remote.  I loved that little bit of freedom from the rest of the world and I've been dying to get back to that ever since.

  Boots thinks I'm absolutely psychotic and I can hear him roll his eyes every time I bring it up.  He thinks I'm seriously mad.  Read this- perhaps her post can explain it better.

  We could save some big bucks if we weren't paying for TV.  Serious money that I could think of about five ways right off the top of my head that would appreciate those dollars more than our current television providers do.  If we didn't have TV I bet we'd get our house finished a lot faster, our house would probably be a whoooole lot cleaner, we'd probably get into exercising, and I could read that mountain of books sitting beside my bed.

  I'm not saying completely give up the TV, I think Netflix is a great idea, but a definite tube-intervention is needed in my life.

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