Tuesday, March 17, 2015


 Reading On the Night You Were Born on the night he was born two years later.  How weird was it that the weather (coooold! blustery!) was almost exactly the same?
He loves to "read book."
Boots was singing weird made-up songs to him before he went to sleep that night and I came sneaking in the dark and flashed the crap out of him with my phone.
He says, "yight on" and calls his pillow a "pippo."
Boots taught him to open his arms out wide when he asks him, "How much do you love me?"  And Mayhem will say, "Much!"  It's pretty heartbreaking!
He can be pretty persuasive when he wants you to sit somewhere.  And he loves to get down on the floor and tell whomever he's playing with to "trawl" (crawl.)
A bigger blanket for a bigger baby! 
Also, he's not a baby.  Hold him sideways like a baby and he says, "Boy!" and sits up.  This is coming in handy when trying to stop the whining.  "Boys don't whine, babies whine." 
 Shame, shame on me, I know.
He'd been awake about 2 minutes.  There were no toys in the floor anywhere when his feet first hit the ground.  It always looks like we got robbed by someone three feet tall around here, but it's fun and I mostly don't mind the mess.
Everything must have an ignition somewhere!  "poke! hole!"
He's a backseat driver (literally) and yells, "GO!" when we have to stop at red lights.  Probably going to have a road rage problem with this one.
When we "run errands" (he says that) he recognizes when we drive by the grocery store, too, and starts yelling out his list.  "Milk!"  "Eggs!"  "Cheese!"  "Honey!"  "Toast!" (never bread)
It's so funny when he picks things up and puts it on himself.  Stomping around in Boots' bright blue tennis shoes is my favorite so far, I think.
He's a clown and he knows it.  When I got him from the nursery Sunday night after church the volunteers told me that he had them rolling laughing.  They were naming body parts and when they got to toes he sat down, took off his shoes and socks, "TOES!"  Then he tried to sit his big hiney down in the baby's bumbo seat and missed it completely!  He fell out in the floor, laughing!
Speaking of hineys... A few days ago I was changing his diaper and his clothes and he had apparently bumped his backside on something earlier because he kept wanting me to "tiss hiney" (kiss hiney).  Boy, that was weird, having to explain that Mama is not going to kiss your hiney, haha!
Speaking of weird...  Playing with his plastic animals at his play kitchen table, "horse ride coon."
He loves to "took" (cook) and yesterday I discovered how useful he already is in a real kitchen.  I had cracked four eggs in a bowl and I told him to get a fork out of the drawer and stir the eggs.  He did it!  He got down off his stool, pulled the drawer open, knew right where the forks were even though he was too short to see them, got a fork out, went back to the stool and bowl and stirred the eggs.  I was just about to bust smiling!
Last night, I was making meatloaf for supper and had been mixing with my hands.  Not wanting to stop and wash them to add more oatmeal and then get them dirty mixing again, I told him to get the oatmeal (lid already off, sitting on the counter) and told him to put more oatmeal in Mama's bowl.  He used to the 1/4 cup measure I had sitting out and about a third of a 1/4 quarter cup at a time added in more oatmeal until I told him that was enough.  It was pretty impressive.
He's obsessed with tying things up and brings me a horse, cow, or tractor and some sort of cord, rope, string, whatever he can find nearly every day for me to "tie string."
*Photo credit: Mameha*
The boy loves "bip bip" (biscuits) a little too much.  He'll eat three!
He says "need cup," "done plate," "ice tream," "track eggs," "yick honey," "more milk, please," "more grapes, please," "more milk, hold top, please," and will tell me what he wants to eat- "toast cheese" (never cheese toast), "booberries" (blueberries, even strawberries are called blueberries right now), or "oak meal" (oatmeal.)
*Photo credit: Mameha*
He kept wanting to touch the flame on the candle.  He's watching me type this post now and keeps saying, "Ezzshra bite cake!"  
He likes looking at the pictures I take of him: "see Ezzshra"
He says goodbye to things sometimes: "bye bye birds," "bye bye trees," "bye bye horse," "bye bye toys"
He knows where I keep the Qtips (I really need to move them) and knows which ones are his and which ones are mine and Boots'.  "clean ears, Ezzshra's ears"
 He knows that we "change clothes" and "dirty clothes" go in the basket.
He knows the difference in his "howss shoess" and "chorch shoess."
Anything in a tube is "hiney tream" (hiney cream).
He likes my essential oils and always grabs them because he wants to "smell dat unn"
"tweest" (twist) and "stritch" (stretch) are highly animated
One day he just said "pine cone."  Where'd he learn that?!
So far he's not your typical man: "Mommy help!  Help Mommy!"
He wears me out with all the "Mommy up!" though.
He snatches my phone up off the table and slaps it upside his head upside down, "Ezzshra talk."  Ask him who he's talking to, "Omna" (Mameha) and what he's talking about, "toys."  They talk about toys on the phone a lot.
He still thinks he needs a tissue every time he coughs or sneezes, real or fake.
"plees truck" (police truck)
He remembers who has given him toys, clothes, or done things with him and thanks them "did do" (thank you) whenever he thinks about it or we say something about them even though they are not there usually.
He likes to point at the painting we did at Mameha's house "paint Omna"
He'll lay on his stomach and ask us to "pat back" or "stratch" (scratch)

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