Monday, April 6, 2015

Mayhem's Easter

The church we've been attending hosted an Easter egg hunt the Sunday afternoon a week before Easter and it was Mayhem's first time to hunt eggs since last year at Easter he was barely walking.  Initially, he thought the bucket was for collecting leaves.


"Stand right there and let me take your picture," I told him.

I guess he though I wanted to see his belly button, too.

"Up, Mommy, up!"

I explained to him one time that there would be eggs hidden over here (pointing in the general area) and that you're supposed to pick them up and put them in your bucket.  He was pretty excited and not shy at all about the task before him.

"Oooh, eggs!"

Getting a good picture of him was impossible.  Even when I walked away to where I figured he would go next, he'd bend down right in front of me to pick up the egg.

Leaves aren't very pretty for egg hunts, but they sure make it easy for the little kiddies.

Easter was so bright and pretty!

He finally understands the concept of standing still to take a picture (we're working on smiling), but he wants to see what it looks like immediately so you have to be quick!

Boots was able to meet us at church and we had a very nice Easter service, complete with communion and Mayhem taking a nap nearly the entire time.

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