Saturday, September 11, 2010

So You Need Some Motivation?

How's this for lighting a fire underneath your own butt?

Yesterday morning I woke up in a hot sweat from a wedding day nightmare.
It started off with me, Boots, my mom, and a preacher.
We were standing on a patio by a pool.
We had a short ceremony, sealed it with a kiss, and apparently we were married!
A few people walked up and I groaned about having to do this again.
Why did we get married before the wedding?
Boots isn't supposed to see me before the wedding, this doesn't go with our plans.
Why was I wearing a poufy princess dress with raspberries on it?
I hid in a closet and an old church friend found me and made small talk, asking was I ready for to get married.
I wasn't ready!
I forgot to buy the groomsmen's shirts and ties, I forgot to print the programs!
I made a mad dash for the parking lot and took off in Boots' truck.
I was headed for the nearest JCPenney's, determined that the groomsmen wouldn't be seen wearing the t-shirts I imagined them in.
And then, I woke up.
Imagine my relief when I realized this was only the nightmare wedding of my dreams.
I spent the whole day running around town checking off a list of things I've been putting off for too long.
I can't let this nightmare become a reality.

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