Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Christmas Post

Instead of buying a tree I borrowed one of my mom's.

I wrapped the presents in glittery paper.

One of the things I was looking forward to doing was picking out an ornament with Boots.
My work schedule has been hectic and I haven't been able to see him as much as I'd like and when I have seen him I've been too tired.
I was pretty disappointed that we didn't get to go pick out an ornament together, but I am so happy that Talia and her husband gave us this!

The "5" is mine, the "H" we bought, and the snowman was a handmade gift from my cousin Norman.

One of my favorite Holiday Barbie ornaments.

Boots and I did buy this one together.

The magazine that I folded into a "tree" and painted gold.

This is an alpaca from Peru that our neighbor lady's daughter brought back for us when she went there on a mission trip this fall.

The topper!

I've got a thing for glitter.

Boots' "Chloe" ornament.

Another favorite.

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