Thursday, June 16, 2011

I want you to know this post sucks. 

I had it all planned out in my head, I was going to write about how I found this great glass beverage dispenser by accident at a super clearance store at an excellent price (60% off at $11.25) while shopping for shorts (thisclose to buying a hot pink pair) and new blue jeans. 

I was going to write about standing in line for 20 minutes! behind two Indian (real Indians, not Native American Indians) women who haggled with the check out girl over 5 blankets and three bag fulls of kids clothes.

I was going to write about how clean and pretty it was after I got it home and washed it up and poured it full of cold coffee and called it a wonderful night and couldn't wait until morning!

Then the blessed thing leaked! 

And I had to change the title from "Cheap Thrills and Borrowed Ideas" to "Complications Arose, Ensued, Were Overcome" and hope that someone caught that random movie reference.  Then my dang post erased itself!

Not a good time in blogland tonight.

I had plans to point out the only flaw I could find (until it leaked coffee everywhere.)

And instruct you all to inspire the sparkly on top of the handle.

Oooooooohhh, ahhhhhh!

And question what is this tear drop-shaped glass "birthmark" is.

But I got aggravated and just threw it all in a regular ol' tea pitcher and slammed it down in the fridge.

But after a coupla hours of catching up on my DVR and g00gling "glass beverage dispenser parts" to no avail, I decided to take the dang thang apart!

Just a little twist here and pull there and I had three pieces in my hand.  For kicks I put it back together, to see if I could and hope that miraculously fixed it.

Whaddoya know, all it needed was a good tightening and it was just as I had imagined, although a little later than I'd hoped.


Oh, yeah.  The "Borrowed Ideas" part came from here.  Check it out if you're like my husband and convinced I'm a mad scientist in the kitchen.

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