Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Involuntarily Motivated

We have been planning on remodeling our house since before we closed on it.  We weren't planning on being forced to do it. 

These are pictures from last night's carnage.  Its kind of overwhelming to be here and see it in real life.  I'm kinda shocked.  Its so weird to see your house destroyed before your very eyes.  I can't imagine being in Daniel's shoes.

Our living room with squishy water stains

Squishy water stains going down the hall

This is the wall in our shed that backs up the washer/dryer cubby hole in the kitchen.

The emergency house cleaner guys with their equipment.

Our nasty, dirty, old concrete floor after the carpet and the pad was pulled up.  I never imagined so much dirt.

Our living room after the furniture was moved around and the carpet pulled up

Bathroom floor being ripped up

Our extra bedroom sans carpeting

One of eight fans

One of two dehumidifiers

Kitchen cabinets

Boots scraping up the kitchen floor


Marnie said...

OMG, I'm so sorry. I had water dammage in my house a few years back and it just turns your world upside down. So sorry xo

Rachel said...

Thanks! That's exactly how I feel!

Stefanie said...

Oh no!!! So sorry.