Monday, January 21, 2013

Reading Material

  What does it take to get ready for a baby?  Most normal people think about things like cribs, diapers, how they're going to feed it, and maybe buying a few tiny baby outfits.  When I found out I was pregnant, I thought, "I have so many books to read!"

  As my husband will attest, I want to know everything there is to know about how to do something and the right way to do it.  (This bugs the crap out of him, mainly when it comes to home improvement stuff I know nothing (initially) about.)  So when I set out to have this baby I started with a huge list of books.

  I have compiled for you all the baby-type books I have and read, and a list of ones I want to read and haven't yet all in one neat little post with links in case you want to look at the covers or find where to buy them for yourself.  If you're not into books, feel free to skip this one.

  After hearing about it from Natalie I knew this was one I had to read.  It's the first book I bought.  I like the concept behind it and can't wait (yes I can) to try it out on my own bean.  Bringing Up Bébé: One American Mother Discovers the Wisdom of French Parenting

  This book I got from my online book club ( a good ten months before I even found out I was pregnant.  Let's call it foreshadowing.  Or extreme preparedness.  What to Expect When You're Expecting

  This book was given to me by a friend the night I took the pregnancy test.  The same friend that twisted my arm into buying that pregnancy test.  All three of them.  Thank you.  :)  Your Pregnancy & Birth

  This book was given to me by my insurance company after I signed up for a free wellness program they asked me to participate in.  I read a little of it but, it will probably be more useful to me later.  Taking Care of Your Child: A Parent's Illustrated Guide to Complete Medical Care

  My mom gave me this book within a week after she found out I was pregnant.  I've enjoyed reading it week by week.  Birth Right, God's Plan for Your Pregnancy Journey

  When Boots and I went to the beach at the beginning of August we stopped at a Books-A-Million and bought this book and read through all the girl names on the five hour ride home.  We found six we liked.  Still haven't made it through all the boys yet.  100,000 Plus Baby Names

  For Christmas, my co-workerfriend gave me HypnoBirthing: The Mongan Method (it has a relaxation CD!) and Preparation for Birth: The Complete Guide to the Lamaze Method

  The book I recently bought and am still reading is Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way.  This book was recommended to me by my mom the day she found out I was pregnant.

  On my "Want to Read" list: 

Unbound Birth: How to Have a Natural Birth in the Hospital

The Baby-Led Weaning Cookbook: 130 Recipes That Will Help Your Baby Learn to Eat Solid Foods - and That the Whole Family Will Enjoy

  Phew!  Are you suffering eyestrain from imagining me doing all that reading?  I love it though.  Now imagine all these books stacked up by my side of the bed and falling over every couple of days!

  **Disclaimer: Amazon doesn't know my name!  (Although if they did, would I get free books?)  Don't call them up fussing because I linked to books they sell!  I'm lazy and this was the easiest way to find them!**

  P.S.  Any books you think I should read that I've missed???

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