Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mayhem vs. Mama

Today has been a challenge.  Mayhem is hard-headed and stubborn like me and thinks he doesn't need sleep like his daddy.  That right there is a combination for an ultimate showdown at naptime. 

I tried something new yesterday- setting "the mood" for sleep by closing the curtains and turning on his fan then settling him down by holding him very still and vertical at my neck, finally putting him in his bed when he was relaxed enough to put himself to sleep.  It worked just like the book said it would and it was beautiful.  Too beautiful.

I think last night he decided I was getting smart and has been a tyrant today.  Especially this afternoon.  He is resisting every trick I know and every attempt I've made.  He gets relaxed, I lay him down, and he sleeps for two minutes until his pacifier falls out and then he screams like he's being killed.  I have to swaddle him with his arms at his side now or he helicopters them over his head to stay awake.

I know the older he gets the less sleep he'll need, but why can't he be happy when he's awake if he's not going to sleep?  I know he's got to be sleepy because he's yawning and rolling his eyes back in his head.

When, not if, he ever does go to sleep I am not waking him up to eat.

Send baby sleep tips now!  At the very least, lie to me and tell me he's going to sleep all night!

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