Friday, April 26, 2013

This is your brain on sleep......

Sometimes, when I'm really tired and finally laying down, just about to drift off to sleep, I get crazy ideas.  My creativity is in overdrive when I'm trying to shut down!

A few days ago, trying to take a nap, I designed the coolest invention: a music player that you set the length of time you want it to play and the starting volume and as it plays the volume decreases automatically so that when the selected time is up the volume is turned all the way down to zero.  To save electricity/batteries it would even shut itself off!

What a great idea!  Necessity is the mother of invention and mothers have needs, like sleep.

Am I delirious?  Has this already been invented?  I haven't had time to scour the internet to find out yet.  Don't steal my idea!

Sometimes when I'm about to go to sleep I hear him crying but I wake up out of my stupor and realize its in my head.  Is this some sort of Neanderthal mama survival mechanism?

This morning I was taking a nap on the couch dreaming about taking Mayhem to the aquarium.  I love aquariums, I think they're beautiful!  We were watching the sharks when the tank busted and we're swimming in the water with them and I'm freaking out that my baby is going to drown.  Even when I woke up and saw he was definitely on dry land I was still thinking he might drown!

I think I'm cracking up.  He's been sleeping better at night this past week but my sleep bank is still so in debt it's upside down and thinking about filing bankruptcy!

( A strict feeding schedule- every three hours NO. MATTER. WHAT! and "tanking up" a few hours before bed has made all the difference in him sleeping three to four and half hours at a time and my sanity.)

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