Thursday, April 25, 2013

That's Pinteresting

Ah, Pinterest.  That wide open space on the internet that both inspires (if you need ideas) and enrages (if you're trying to keep up).  I joined Pinterest when it was fairly young I suppose, back when next to no one was on it and nobody in the real world that wasn't the slightest bit bloggy had ever heard of it. 

I didn't get it.  Pinterest was weird to me.  Plus, I was in serious, deep love with Houzz, which is sorta like Pinterest but way more home-design-oriented.  Everybody else was all "Pinterest!" while I constantly told them Houzz was so much cooler.

Since my hours have changed, i.e. awake A LOT between midnight and 4 am (thanks, Mayhem!), and there is nothing on the internet at that time of night, I've finally gotten into Pinterest and have been pinning like a mad woman.  I've got boards for hair I wish I had, things I really might cook, things I'd actually do to my house and clothing inspiration I could make work from what I have or might like to actually buy one day.  I'm pretty selective with what I pin even though I feel like I pin a lot. 

I do have a few fun boards that I've saved funny things or inspiring quotes to.  I'm not into crafts so I haven't gone nuts pinning stuff I'll never do.

Ain't it weird the stuff you get into at 2 am?

I still love Houzz, but we've cooled off.  ;)


Travel & Dive Girl said...

Pinterest is one of those great time-wasters. I LOVE it! I find I pin non-stop for a week and then I need to take a break because things seem to become repetitive, but before long, I'm back at it.

Rachel said...

It's definitely a time-waster but what else could I be doing?