Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Week 5

If I was comfortable at four weeks, I'm exhausted at five.  Mayhem has gotten all outta whack and is so incredibly mixed up about the blessed event of sleeping and when exactly it is supposed to take place.  (During the night, not the day!)  I don't think he gets how tired I am. 

But he's so crazy sweet.  He's cuddley and he's started watching us and following us with his eyes.  He acts like he's listening when we talk to him now and that's just too much because now I'm never going to shut up.

Poor kid got diaper rash this week, which sucks.  And breaks my heart.  He screams and cries every time we change his diaper because it hurts and I feel like crying too just knowing how tortured his little heiny is.  Also, how weird is it touching somebody's butt in a very personal way so as to apply diaper cream?  Very weird.  Even though he's my baby and I'm his mama.  Weird.  Touching anybody's butt is just weird.

He's got baby pimples now, too.  I guess this is a glimpse into what teenage Mayhem will look like.  I hope he's still just as sweet and maybe slightly less cuddley.  Because that would be......weird.

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