Sunday, April 28, 2013

Relaxing is Hard Work

Today is Sunday.  My little family went to church and I am really enjoying getting back into the "church on Sunday" life after years of working on Sunday.  Now I've got to get back in the habit of going on Sunday night.

I'm used to operating at maximum efficiency and can't stand to be idle.  I'm always hurryhurryhurrry, runrunrun, must. get. it. done!  My to do list is never to done.

I want to treat Sunday special and just relax and rest like the day it is intended to be, but my brain is rebellious.

"Let's do the dishes!"  "No, they can wait until tomorrow."

"Let's do laundry!"  "No, it can wait."

"I'm bored."  "Let's take a nap."  (It's always at this point Mayhem kicks in.  How does he know???)

I resisted the urge to clean and made myself read (when have I ever said that before!)  I took a nice bath and hung up just our church clothes.

Maybe next week will be easier.

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