Tuesday, August 6, 2013

5 Months

Another photo-overload.  (I have a hard time limiting myself these days.)


Let's see, five months......

-He just started laughing with sound, before it was sort of a silent wide-mouth gasp.  He thinks it's funny to be held over you looking down on you.  Sometimes he laughs when tickled, but zerbitts don't get any reaction still.
-He still isn't rolling over.  I think it's more holding out on us than inability.
-We started feeding him oatmeal a few days ago.  That's going fairly well, it's more entertainment than nutritive still.
-He must be teething because he's constantly shoving his little fat fists, toys, blankets, your fingers, my fingers into his mouth and bearing down like a toothless pitbull.  It's kinda like being gummed to death.
-Toys are starting to become interesting to him.  He'll take them from you if they're held close enough and really enjoys playing under the mat with the toys hanging over him.  Bouncing around in the exersaucer is a new source of fun too.
-He's very "talkative" in the mornings and sometimes says the same "phrase" over and over and over again.  Is this baby "singing" or is he just repeating himself because apparently I don't understand?
-Lights and ceiling fans are still "favorites" and he just stares like something is wrong when he sees a ceiling fan not turning.
-Naps are a serious issue in that they are extremely lacking in length.  I am incredibly frustrated as you can imagine.
-Maybe he'll be an outdoorsman when he grows up.  He likes being outside looking at the trees and sky.
-He likes standing up in your lap looking at you.  He'll hold your fingers and raise himself up when he's horizontal because he doesn't like laying down much.  I wish he was as enthusiastic about rolling over.  I suppose he will be one day though.

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