Monday, December 23, 2013

Monday Morning

Do you ever get the feeling that your boss has spent the weekend dreaming up ways to keep you crazy busy on Monday morning?

I do.

First thing this morning, this little crazy boy was playing in his room and just started yanking all the books of the shelves.  I kinda figured this would happen one day so I took it as a sign that it was finally time for the ROY G BIV library to go.

This is where things got really crazy.

I took all the toys out of the closet...

...and piled them all in the floor.

It always looks worse before it looks better, right?

Thankfully, he was mostly happy to play while I worked.

I took all the books off of the shelves, except for the ones meant for babies that have hard, board pages and not paper pages, and boxed them up.  After lots of shuffling things around, I finally decided on putting the older kid books in the closet and all the toys and books he can play with now out where he can reach them.  In the middle of all this mess I decided to edit his toys down to his favorites and new Christmas gifts and put away the "baby" toys.  And I took pictures of all of his Christmas presents that he's gotten so far.  How's that for extra credit!

A trip to Target to get those baskets to hold little things makes me feel a teensy bit better about all the crazy on those shelves.  I didn't even attempt to make them pretty, just get them all on there!

I did move the top right basket down to the bottom left though.  Didn't want him to pull it down on his head.

So that was what I did today.  Were you super busy as well?

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Travel & Dive Girl said...

Well done! I hope you can keep those toys on the shelf. My son's now 21 and nothing stays on his shelves either. LOL!

Merry Christmas!