Thursday, December 26, 2013

Week 42 (Mayhem's 1st Christmas!)

This post is fairly picture heavy, but you expected that, right?  

My baby sister and my baby 

My mama and the one that made me a mama

He was sooooo slow about unwrapping presents.  Next year he'll probably rip through them without encouragement.

Caillou in the box!  I was a little worried that he would be scared of it, but he seemed kind of indifferent for the most part.

Such a model!

Oh, Christmas was so fun!  

As you can see, we never decorated our trees.  :(   It just didn't work out with our schedules.  But it's ok!  The lights were pretty even without ornaments and it was very simple, but still festive.  And there's always next year.

Mayhem got so many new toys and clothes.  He got some new books, too, and we've read half of them already.

It was pretty spectacular and special.


Travel & Dive Girl said...

It looks like he was having a great time!

Rachel said...

He was! It was so much fun!