Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Like every year, this is my favorite post.  Here are some of the highlights (I think) of everything I posted in 2013, just click the link to read the individual posts.  Also, here's 2012 and 2011 if you want to go back that far.

January- I was unresolved, 29 weeks pregnant, dreaming, 30 weeks pregnant, learned how to have a baby, 31 weeks pregnant, read some books, 32 weeks pregnant, and 33 weeks pregnant.

February- I was 34 weeks pregnant, 35 weeks pregnant, 36 weeks pregnant, dreaming again, and 37 weeks pregnant.

March- I was getting ready for a baby, Mayhem was born!, 38 weeks pregnant, Mayhem was one week old, I freaked out a little, and Mayhem was two weeks and three weeks old.

April- Mayhem was four weeks old (and so tiny!), five weeks old, six weeks old, seven weeks old, I fell into Pinterest, I needed sleep, and so did Mayhem.

May- Mayhem was 8 weeks and 9 weeks old, I had a wreck, I posted my ridiculously long birth story, Mother's Day, 10 weeks, 11 weeks, and 12 weeks old.

June- My friend got married, the 4th trimester was over, 3 months, 14 weeks, 15 weeks, a man tried to sell me some books, Father's Day, 4 months old, and 16 weeks old.

July- Mayhem was 17 weeks, 18 weeks, I wrote about finding out I was pregnant, 19 weeks, Mayhem slept, I shared Mayhem's room,  our house had a birthday, 20 weeks and 21 weeks old.

August- We fought over a nap, Mayhem was 5 months old, 23, 24, and 25 weeks old.

September- Mayhem was 26 weeks, 6 months, 27 weeks, he got sick, 28 weeks, he took a bath in the sink, and 29 weeks old.

October- Mayhem was 30 weeks, 7 months, 31 weeks, 32 weeks, 33 weeks, and 34 weeks old.  And I (briefly) left the nest!

November- Mayhem was 8 months, 36 weeks, 37 weeks, and 38 weeks old.

December- This is the month I got my groove back as far as posting goes.  Not sure what clicked, but I posted on a fairly regular schedule after what seemed to me like an incredibly long dry spell in the inspiration pool.  Anyway...... carry on!  I was thankful, Mayhem was 39 weeks, 9 months, I quilted, 40 weeks, I felt balanced, 41 weeks, I made an exception for Santa, work was crazy!, Mayhem was 42 weeks old, and there was an overload of Christmas pictures.

With that, I declare 2013 done!  (And, THE BEST YEAR EVER SO FAR!)  Look out, 2014!

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