Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Week 38

So my idea this week was to take pictures of Mayhem on his stomach on the white blanket in front of the brick wall.

Obviously, that didn't happen.

He was on that blanket about half a second before he popped up and started coming after me!

Look!  Teeth!

Forget the blanket!

Gimme that camera, Mama!

This week Mayhem's age is even: he spent as much time on the inside as he's spent on the outside.  ;)  To celebrate, he's been into everything!  Opening his dresser drawers, snatching books off the shelf, spilling my chai tea latte I just made and only got a sip of.  Yesterday, when I had him in the bathroom with me while I was brushing my teeth he climbed in the cabinet and took a bite out of a roll of toilet paper!  

He's got this new little half-sitting scootchy crawl that you can kind of see in the pictures.  He'll lean forward on his hands and knees, pick up and move both hands, drag a knee forward, and then lean back on his bottom.  It's an incredibly slow way to crawl, but faster than sitting and waiting on something to happen.  I can't leave him alone at all anymore unless he's caged!

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Travel & Dive Girl said...

LOL! The cage idea will continue to look like a great idea the more he starts to move!