Friday, March 21, 2014


It's official!  Spring is here!  I knew it was coming two weeks ago when I started hearing the birds singing at 5:30 in the morning before the sun even comes up.  Twitterpatted birds are so encouraging when you're tired of being cooped up all winter and are ready for sun and sweat.

The weather this week has been perfectly springy and Mayhem and I have spent every afternoon outside after his (...our) nap. 

This weather has drawn us out like the bees to this tree. 

He plays on my old yoga mat with some toys that aren't really toys (empty pasta box, measuring cup, metal box Boots' new wallet came in) while I putter around the yard cutting the grass, digging in the garden, and planting carrot seeds that will most likely never grow after this joint gets all Sherwood Forest-y in a few weeks.  But dirt under my nails makes me feel better.

Today I decided to join him on the mat with an old blanket and my camera to just relax instead of work.

While I was soaking up a few rays (fully clothed, mind you, because drones!) he marched plastic animals across my back like a human land bridge.

He's so silly these days!  Slobbery kisses all over your face and giggling like a deranged monkey because he's finally getting brave enough to stand up and let go for a few seconds.

I'm so excited about all the fun that awaits us!

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