Monday, March 17, 2014

Excessive Accumulation

Sometimes I have these super-organizing crazed fits (usually after watching Hoarders, because y'all, being buried alive by your possessions is scary!) and I'll go through various drawers and rooms of the house bagging up things in a million little bags to donate to the Methodist church's thrift store. 

One thing I've learned in a year of Mayhem- babies are not minimalists.  There is so. much. stuff. that comes with children!  All the different stages of clothes and equipment and toys!  And you can't get rid of anything because you're going to need it for your next baby.   So as the kid grows you accumulate more and more stuff and run out of space for it, but have no choice but to pack your closets and attic to the point of probably being unsafe to stand near.  Or get rid of everything and then buy it all again a few years later. 

Cue my blank/"Are-you-serious" stare over the top of my glasses.

A few months ago I read that to encourage creativity, kids only really need 20-40 toys to play with.  Sounds good to me.  I want Mayhem to be creative one day and see no reason for there to be 9,478 stuffed animals and plastic cars everywhere.  Plus see above sentence about organizing. 

So I periodically go through his things and count out 40 toys (I'm a maximum of the minimum kinda girl) excluding blocks and books.  Everything else gets tucked away under his bed and in the closet and forgotten about until I decide to do it again and swap things out.  This keeps things interesting for him I think and as minimalist as possible for me.

I've even got a few birthday presents that haven't been played with and are waiting for the right time of boredom to strike.

Did you do this with your kid(s) or were you more relaxed than me? Haha

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