Wednesday, April 16, 2014

13 Months

I'm about ten days late taking and posting these, but that's ok because I said so!  I've been busy.

Mayhem is a little obsessed with belly buttons.  His, mine, Boots'.  It's kinda funny, but slightly weird too.

He started walking a few days ago.

His distance is increasing with his confidence every day.

Animal crackers are a new favorite snack.

He likes taking showers.  He laughs instead of cries when the water hits him now.

He still doesn't like stuffed animals, but the Scout he got for his birthday might be growing on him.  He will poke a baby doll in the eye in a heartbeat though!

He likes looking out the windows and the door.  Going outside, even to the mailbox, is a quick fix for a bad mood.

He's getting braver about petting the cat.  He sticks his hand out and says, "Oooh!" when he touches him.

He likes explaining things.  Loudly.  And not in English.

He's so silly!  Blowing and spitting and making a stink face.  He climbs and crawls all over everything and pile drives anything he can push.

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