Sunday, May 11, 2014

Saturday + Sunday

This weekend has been pretty uneventful.  In fact, it's been the most low-key, do nothing few days we've had in a while.

Friday was spent on the couch all. day.  I watched TV and Mayhem coughed and cried in between catnaps.  Saturday was much the same, with a late afternoon burst of feeling better and wanting to play.  Sunday has been the day of sneezing and snotting as he sends this cold or crud, whatever this junk is, packing.  Endless nose wiping and mountains of tissues.  We skipped church just to be on the safe side even though he's probably not contagious anymore.

Maybe tomorrow we can get back to some regularly scheduled programming.  I'm anxious to do a small sewing project and get back to walking in the mornings.  I'm about TV'd out to tell the truth.  Cleaning and cooking have been at a minimum so that's sort of been nice.  I have made a kale frittata twice this week though and both times he has eaten nearly as much as me! 

Here's to sick days and feeling crappy!  They sure make you appreciate the regular ones.

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