Monday, May 19, 2014

Saturday + Sunday

Saturday Mayhem and I had a little visit with my mama and why didn't I take pictures of the two of them playing together in the kitchen floor???

Here we are pre-baby shower for my neighbor's daughter.  As usual, Mayhem charmed the pants off everybody there because of and in spite of his scavenging everybody's plates.  "Bite?  Bite?"  This kid... His mama needs to teach him some manners.

Sunday when I picked him up from his class after church was over one of his teachers asked me about moving him up to the next class.  I kinda figured that was coming after a playdate with a friend that's ten months older and seeing Mayhem just push the bigger baby around.  She said he wasn't being bad, just banging on the cribs while the babies were sleeping.  :|  So next week Mayhem is leaving the Bed Babies behind and joining the 1 & 2s.

It must be exhausting to try to keep babies awake because he fell asleep in the car on the way home and kept sleeping when I brought him in the house and put him on the couch.  Wild boy took a three hour nap!

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