Friday, May 23, 2014

Normal Behavior?

Boys are strange creatures, aren't they?  This we know.

I was vacuuming my car in the driveway and trying to keep an eye on him puttering around the yard when this happened.

He just climbed on in because, why not, the door was open!

Ok, I thought, I can work with this.  At least I won't have to chase him.

By the time I'd worked my way from the driver's seat, both sides of the backseat, the trunk, and made it around to the passenger's side he'd thrown all of my coupons out into the yard, found my pen, and climbed over to the steering wheel, punching every button he could find.  Then he started accidentally beeping the horn.  The neighbors probably thought about killing us, but I am so glad he didn't figure out he was the one making the noise and how to do it again.

I took out the garbage when we went back inside to cool off and he decided to relieve my cabinet of all of its plastic bags.

This is all except three, maybe.

They were so deep he looked like he was swimming trying to get out of the pile.

That night I went to put a blanket off the couch into the basket in the closet and I found the little hoarder's secret stash.  Inside the basket he'd crammed 2 clean (thank God!) diapers, 2 plastic bags, one of my socks, and a wad of fabric scraps.  It was pretty funny finding what he thought he'd hidden and I laugh a little every night when I look before bedtime.

He's figured out that he can smash his ear on my arm when I'm rocking him and then pull it off and break the suction after his head gets all hot and sweaty.

He spits and sputters when my hair falls in his face and tickles his nose.

He opened a box of soap and licked the bar so he'll be blowing bubbles before too long.  One of my hairbrushes went for a dive in the toilet and his daddy tried hard not to laugh.  The drawer one my jewelry box got such a workout from all the sliding open and slamming shut I had to turn the poor thing to the wall to give it some relief!

He was playing with a bib yesterday and trying to put it on himself.  When I turned back around again he had it on like a cape!  I went for the camera, but he snatched it off too soon.

Boys are so weird.

But when he's asleep.... I just love him.  Of course, I love him when he's awake, but when he's asleep I love him!

Look at those lips!

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Travel & Dive Girl said...

Too cute! I wouldn't give up having a boy for the life of me. He's made me want to pull my hair out many times, but he's also the one that know how to make me laugh the hardest.