Thursday, January 15, 2015

I'm a Bad Blogger

There's all this stuff you're supposed to do to be a "good" blogger and maximize readership.  Things like creating Pinterest buttons, hosting giveaways, sharing across ALL of the every. single. social media platforms that bear your name, hosting relevant ads and link up parties, make yourself a "brand," etc., etc. until you make yourself crazy with this mess you've literally created.  Like I said, bad blogger, I don't do all that.  Sometimes I share my posts on Facebook and Instagram if I think it's something particularly interesting, but not always.  That's about the most I can manage right now.

Blogging is dying they say.  I put the "end" in trendy because apparently blogging has been on its way out for a few years now and I'm just now finding out about it.  I'm ok with that, y'all be the guinea pigs while I wait and decide if it's worth it.
Comments are at all time lows they say.  I blame this on readers (the apps, not the people), have you ever tried to make a comment through a feed reader?  Nearly impossible!  Well, not impossible, but certainly aggravating due to the rigmarole you have to go through.  I'll admit, it's why I rarely comment on the blogs I read.  It's just too much trouble.
People are moving away from blogs in favor of quicker and shorter, ie Instagram.  Conversations are happening on Facebook instead of blog comment threads.

Maybe you found this post through Facebook or Instagram, maybe you've never made a comment.  It's ok, I know you're out there.  (I can see you; I have a page views counter!)  I say let them.  Let it die.  Some of us will still be here.  Maybe that's a bit polarizing, but think about why we're (bloggers) doing this (blogging) in the first place: to share with the interested.  So I'll keep posting and you keep reading.  If you want to.  :)


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Travel & Dive Girl said...

Well, we can both be bad bloggers together. I blame social media on a lot of today's problems. I don't plan on stopping blogging anytime soon. I might not do it as often as I like, but it certainly beats Facebook - at least blogging content is more substantial than You Tube videos. Have a good day!