Tuesday, March 30, 2010

House Hunt

I've been really busy lately.
I'm talking really busy.
So busy that I've neglected all my reading.
I haven't been reading my blog subscriptions, half my emails, or even my school books.
Well, I have been reading my school books but not as much as I'd like to read them.
This is crunch-time after all.

One thing I have been doing though is house hunting.
Boots has been heading up this expedition but I have been doing my part too.
We've been driving around when he comes to town to see me and searching the Internet and making phone calls when we're not together.
I've been doing some house dreaming about all the things I want to do when I have my own house and not living in an apartment.

Boots and I found a house back off the main road.
The house was at the end of a dead end street and I called it The House on the Left for obvious reasons.
The house has a big yard and lots of bedrooms.
It has a hole in the roof that needs to be fixed and a stone wall where a carport used to be.
The sign stuck to the door said call the tax accessors office.
Boots did some digging and that led us nowhere.
Can't find out anything else.
(Sorry, no photo)

We found another house but haven't seen inside it yet.
I call this one The House in the Curve for obvious reasons.
Its got a fair-sized yard with a little shed.
The front yard is kinda weird though because a culvert cuts it nearly in half.

The House in the Curve
(I didn't take this picture)

Boots went house hunting on his own and called me up, "I want this one!"
I don't think I've ever heard him so excited.
We go look at the house that afternoon with our realtor.
Our realtor lady introduced Boots Mom and Pop and helped Brother #1 get his house.
The house has two sheds, a falling down fence, and some overgrown bushes.
We tromped all through the house, stomped up and down the stairs, open and shut every door over and over again and flicked every light switch.
We decided that we liked The Little Box House and got the lady to fill us out a contract.
I had her read the contract to us because I wanted to know what I was signing.
I think Boots was surprised that I asked her to go through all that trouble.
She was super nice and explained everything even though I didn't fully understand it all.

The Little Box House
(I didn't take this picture either)

The realtor lady hooked us up with a mortgage man and the mortgage man checked out credit and approved us for a mortgage.
We can buy a house.
Whether we do or not is up to the powers that be.
We're just kinda waiting and negotiating.
We're going to keep looking but one day we're going to have a house.

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