Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I always see the strangest things when I don't have a camera.
Like this morning on the way to school I saw a tire standing in the middle of the road.
Just standing there, if tires stood that is.

And this afternoon, I got behind the biggest, greenest, slowest combine I've ever seen traveling at a speedy speed of approximately 20 mph.
20 MPH!
But I put on my hazards and plowed along behind him because (1) I was in no hurry, (2), I know what it's like to be a farmer and have to move a slow piece of equipment down a public road, and (3) I figured surely he wouldn't be going the same way I was going for the next 80 miles.
I followed that combine for four miles and got a little worried when he made that first turn with me.
By the second turn our following-relationship ended and I was on my merry way.

I raised my windows when I got home because its been such a warm day today.
A man across the street plays the trumpet.
I heard him practicing scales with his balcony door open so I blasted him with my trombone and we exchanged waves.

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Travel & Dive Girl said...

Wow! I thought my morning encounters were strange - you've got me beat.