Thursday, March 25, 2010

Today Was a Good Day, I Didn't Have to Use My AK

(Yeah, who sings that song?)

The past two days at school have been probably the best all year.
I feel like I've just about reached the epiphany Ms. D's been talking about.
The stress level was at a minimum despite the fact our main man in the instruction department is having some major health problems.

I scheduled my boards today.
Both parts.
A lee-tle scary.
I chewed all my fingernails off within five minutes.
Good thing they grow back.
But Ms. D swears that I'm going to pass and her enthusiam has bolstered my confidence.
I am going to pass.
It finally dawned on me last night that I am going to pass.

The weather was gorgeous today, in between rain showers, at least.

I scored 2 out of 3 on Turtle Kickin'.
Turtle Kickin' is something I've been doing for a few years because I have this thing about people running over turtles.
Turtles are slow cuz those shells are heavy (I think its because they have big brains).
Squirrels and birds and stuff like that are fast and crazy, if they get run over that's their business, but turtles I feel for.
Don't run over a turtle.
I might have to kick you in the shins.
It will hurt.


Anonymous said...

So who did you kick?

Rachel said...