Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Foot Up & Then Down & One Day Up Again

Before the flood.

Before the destruction.

I was just a shortee. 

Trying to cook in a tall kitchen.

Boosted up in my sturdy chair.

I could reach it all.

I gave away my hexagonal table and two wooden chairs.

One of them my helper.

My shortness returned.

In mourning, I searched for a replacement.

At the TJMaxx.

Check it.

A purpley-velvet display caught my eye.

French rolling pins for $4, oh, my!

A humongous fish bowl I'd like to have.

Ten bucks is good, right?

But no stepping stool.

I still was sad.


(Since then, my Popaw has made me a stool and as soon as I possess it, I will post it!)

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