Saturday, July 23, 2011

One Year

Today is officially one year that we've had our house.  Looking back through the pictures we've made some changes on it but not a lot yet.  Here's the post I wrote about us getting the keys and Boots moving in.  (There's some funny photos in that one, be sure and click "Here's".

We celebrated by eating Subway for lunch (a girl can only handle so many granola bars before she starts feeling like a chipmunk!) and I did a little painting while Boots was at work.

Dear House,

You've been great.  Your roof hasn't leaked (probably because its brand new and I really wish the previous owner had let us pick the color of it) and nothing terribly bad has happened other than our water leak.  We haven't unintentionally caught anything on fire or permanently disfigured/maimed anybody.  We hosted Boots' birthday/our we're-getting-married-in-a-few-days-party,Thanksgiving and Christmas and a few impromptu dinner parties.  We transformed the backyard from a no-man's land into a doggie playground for our puppies.  We painted a few rooms, but we're not
finished with that project yet.  We planted a few flowers out front and I planted tomatoes and squash in the flower beds, none of which have produced anything to eat yet.

In the next year, I'd like to see us put this place back together and make it better than ever.  I want to host lots more dinner parties and repeat performances of our great Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Next year, let's try to grow more than tomatoes and squash and maybe plant some bushes in the back yard since the dogs will probably eat the flowers.  I hope to figure out a paint color for the outside that will go well with our brown bricks and orange roof and maybe the neighbors won't drive by so fast.  Let's try to keep the water leaks to a minimum for the next 25 years because that's how long our floor is guaranteed to last.  No repeats of that mess, 'k?

We love you, House. Let's see what another year brings.

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Travel & Dive Girl said...

I can't believe it's been a year. Congratulations on surviving home ownership!