Monday, August 2, 2010


(I meant to post this about a week ago but, something went wrong.
Operator error, I'm sure.)

A couple Fridays ago, Boots and I got the keys to our new (to us) house!
Here we are in a celebratory cheesy photo in the lawyer's office.
She was really nice, nothing like other lawyer ladies I know.

(Our realtor has a special place with Boots as she's the one that introduced his parents.)

Our mortgage man was the best mortgage man we could have found.
He was very patient and explained everything in great detail to me (and Boots, but mostly me because I'm slow like that when you throw huge stacks of papers written in fine print at me.)

After that we went down to our house and started unloading the things Boots needed to start living there.

I've never seen a little bitty trailer like this one with so much stuff in it!
Boots means business when he packs!

I was so overwhelmed with happiness that it spilled over into lots of cheesy photos!

Oh, well, I'm sure I'll enjoy these when I'm old.

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