Friday, August 27, 2010

Reaching In

Yesterday I went with a coworker lady to a business women's convention that my boss said I had to attend as a community outreach project.
We had to choose 3 seminars to attend that were sure to help us better ourselves at work and home.
I picked something about cooking (got a meatloaf recipe, do I like meatloaf?), something about dealing with difficult people (good ideas on paper, but how does that work in real life?), and something about exercising at work (keep your hand weights in your desk and learn to Zumba in heels.)

Sorry for being so vague.
I'm big on generalizing big ideas and specifying the details.

Lunch was some sort of chicken something or the other and a salad that was declared "divine" by the lady sitting next to me.

One thing I really noticed is that black is the color of today's business woman.
The auditorium looked like a sea of mourners.
No wonder work sucks.
Except for Barbara Dooley, who bounced around in a flowered top and hot pink skirt like a butterfly among moths and gave such a motivational speech (and I say that as sarcastically as possible) on having good attitudes at home and work (while exploiting our husbands for diamond bracelets) and that integrity will make you successful in life.

(At the end, Barbara entertained us by singing some Stevie Wonder love song that I thought only existed in musical birthday cards and soap opera love scenes.
Then she made us turn to our neighbors and tell them we loved them!
Forced love always made me feel like a million bucks, way to go!)

Moth I am and moth I surely be.
I will never be famous, I will never be well known and that is just fine with me.
I don't want to have to put myself out there and campaign for myself.
I don't want to be on TV (but I wouldn't mind paper), I don't want to give speeches, compete for awards, or make public appearances.
If I never amount to nothing more than the "star status" I have now that will be a success.
Visiting and hanging out with people that I don't know does not appeal to me.

I think maybe the farmers' market is the club I should join.
I'll do my community outreach with them.
Those are more "my" people.

Dear Boss,
Please don't send me back again.

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