Sunday, August 8, 2010

Having a Bad Day?

Bootscontructor is busy building a fence.
To build a fence you must put up fence posts, therefore you have to dig post holes.
As previously stated, digging millions of post holes with a manual post hole digger is work.
Lots of work.
To save the day, I called and found the cheapest gas-powered post hole digger auger you can rent.
Boots goes to retrieve said piece of machinery and it is already rented.
On to the next cheapest.
Rent the thing, haul it home, proceed to dig holes in the ground, bit thingy needs sharpening.
Haul bit thingy to the store, have it sharpened for free (thanks, nice man!), proceed again.
To no avail.
Haul the thing back. 
Get a partial refund since you only used it half a day.
Proceed to get really aggravated and call the Rachelfiance on the phone because things are going badly.
Run down to nearest Ace and beg the man to let you rent one of those things on the cheap because you're having a bad day!
Rent a second machine, take it home, pull string to crank, break string, have break down, take broke string and machine back to Ace.
Get string fixed, head back home.

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