Friday, July 1, 2011

Where We're Starting Today

When I came home last night this big pile of crap said, "Hey! You can't stay outside all night because you're frightened by the carnage!  Go inside!"

So I did, because nobody disobeys a big pile of crap, especially when its house crap, my house crap.

When I got inside my mom was wrapping up painting our spare bedroom and Bootsdestructor was ripping down all of our kitchen cabinets.  The bottoms were the only ones water damaged but we'd planned to replace the top ones anyway.  They were already 300 years old and in really bad shape.  Like boogers permastuck to the doors.

He even took out the kitchen sink!

Here's a "before" from last summer before we closed on the house.

Here's now.  Oh, boy.

Imagine bigger piles of broken down cabinets and nails and a few giblets of insulation.  Now imagine me packing it all outside to the curb.


Are you imagining me getting a little crazy with a broom, shovel, and the shop vac because I couldn't think for all the clutter?  Good.  I know Boots thinks I'm crazy.

See that wall with the big hole in it?

Now you don't!

This wall has had a lot of ripples and ridges and bumps in it caused by who knows what before we got here.  And we didn't notice until we replaced the hall lightbulb about three months ago and sat in the living room in the dark with just the hall light on.  Even after we turned on the lights we could still see the wall's imperfections because our eyes were so attracted to it.  Not a good time when you're trying to watch tv, but you can't because you're too busy staring at a messed up wall.


Now it looks like this!

Nice, right?

Things aren't all bad though.

The clean up guys just got here to pick up their fans and dehu's so I better get going.  Sounds like they're tearing down a wall. 

Yep, another wall coming down!


Marnie said...

I hope it goes by fast for you. Just keep thinking about how nice your kitchen will look in the end xo

Rachel said...

I know, that's what keeps me pressing on.