Friday, March 4, 2011

A Plantin'

Start with an earth friendly greenhouse kit made from bamboo.

The seed packets I bought had such trouble deciding on.

You gotta flip the little coconut coin things over so they're all laying on the flat side.
(Not exactly an easy task with fat fingers.)

Pour some warmish water over the top of them and watch them expand like packing peanuts in a bathroom sink!

Then you have to stir 'em up with a fork so that the coconut dirt fills up the cell.

The fork was my idea, it doesn't say to use a fork on the instructions.
(I chose a fork instead of a cheese slicer that way after I wash it I won't know which one I used.  OCD, I know.)

Sunflowers seeds, of course!

Drama in the kitchen!  I got distracted by a spider running across the floor and had to jump up and go smash him!

Who knew tomato seeds were so tiny?  Not me!

After you get them all planted you're instructed to cover them with the "greenhouse germination sheet" provided in the kit.

I had to buy another tray (Jiffy professional greenhouse from Home Depot) to plant the rest of the flowers, plus the okra and squash seeds I bought today.

Pour warm water over the top of the things (peat pellets they call them) and watch 'em expand! 
Then, fluff with a fork.

Plant more tiny tomato seeds.

Boots said this is my serious/concentrating face.

And these are......
I'm not sure what these are, some sort of flower.

These seeds for something else look like tiny little dried up brains!

And there you have it- two mini greenhouses.
(And an extremely long, lame post.)

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