Monday, March 14, 2011

I'm On The Pot, Not A Boat, Although I'll Need One To Get To Work In The Morning!

  We're having our first casual dress funeral this week. I'm kinda excited, but really in more of a panic so this can't end well. Just ask Boots, Rachel in a panic is not a good idea.  So tonight, because it's raining, because the Bootshusband is not here to take them for me, and because I love you, I'm posting pictures of me on the toilet. 

  Please-- not like that!  Pictures of me on the toilet modeling the new clothes I bought today!

  ***Disclaimer-- Even though they're not all linked up, all of these clothes (except one pair of pants) are from The Limited which is not a surprise since my closet reads like a who's-who.  They might be a little pricey, but definitely worth it.  Quality over quanity, you know.  The Limited is always my go-to store when I feel like I need new clothes.***

A little blurry......(sorry)

and here it is tucked in.  Which is better?

How 'bout this three-layered beauty?

Shirt, short-sleeved cardigan, pants- Old Navy

Oh, yeah!

Mmm hmmmm!

What about this one?

Pants, Pink shirt- I've had it a while

Is the peep-hole shirt a bad idea?  Too secksy?  What about the sticker?  I'll take it off before I wear it, pinky swear.

Ooh la la!

Blue shirt- I bought it last summer


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Travel & Dive Girl said...

Very nice! I love your self photo shoot...