Tuesday, March 1, 2011

In Need Of An Intervention

I had a list of four items: bananas, a toothbrush, tampons, and a new Brita filter and intended it to be a short trip, in and out, but I got lost in the seasonal sale aisles.  Last month, the seasonal sale aisles had things like baby diapers, dish detergent, and paper plates.  This month, with everybody getting excited about Spring its outdoor furniture, barbeque grills and seed packets. 

I went hog wild on the seed packets.  First I grabbed a rosemary because I love the way rosemary smells, debated between two different tomatoes, pondered the zinnia, cosmos, and dahlias before grabbing one of every kind of sunflower and plowed on to the tall fescue grasses!  "Have you lost your mind?!" I asked myself, because I know me and I have a black thumb.  I came to my senses and bought one tomato, one sunflower, and a pack of four different flowers to plant around the mailbox.  And a seed tray, plus three out of four of the items on my list.

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