Sunday, March 6, 2011

I bought this "brandy snifter" from Wal-Mart at least four years ago.  Probably closer to five years now if I really think on it.  This humongous glass has been a torture chamber for a red bromeliad (drowned) and was there a fish in there at one time?  I can't remember.  It has mostly held junk.  Buttons, bookmarks, remotes, knick knacks, odds and ends, tchotcheys.  Junk. 

New life for the glass!

I've always been in lust over terrariums.  I've been in awe and astonishment over these glass gardens for years!


Dirt.  And a husband reflected in the glass!

And me, looking over my directions on the iPad.

I bought this new glass from Target.  It has a lid which is pretty cool in my book.

More dirt.

This is me experimenting with the plants, trying to figure out which one fits where best.

So pretty.  I'm very proud of myself.

There's two Indians Native Americans and two dinosaurs prehistoric creatures in each one.

Wonder how long it will take me to kill it.

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