Tuesday, March 29, 2011

This morning my boss said, "So what are you going to talk about today?"

Excuse me?

I got dragged into going with him to UA to give a presentation on the funeral business and what we do to the students in a social work class. It went well, I only had to talk just a few minutes about myself and my background and answer some questions while my boss did most the rest of the 'splaining. I made a few jokes, they laughed, I was terribly nervous and I know my face was red, but it felt good.

It felt great to be a "professional" and be able to explain myself to a group of people who were hanging on every word. I felt accomplished and proud to be able to tell my boss that I was glad I'd graduated and didn't miss school at all.

Maybe I can't write like an English major or give a speech like my boss, but...... Who cares?

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