Friday, March 11, 2011

Folks, This is a Disaster!

(How turdy of me to have a title like that especially after all that happened in Japan, but in my defense- I named this post days ago!)

For quite some time, I have wanted a swishy skirt.  I'd say since, ummmmmm......October!  Or maybe it was June, I forget.  Swishy skirts, to me, are flirty and fun, springtime and summer, boats and malls!  But swishy skirts on me- how sad!

This swishy skirt was found at Belk made by "New Directions" and on sale for $44.  While $44 is a little rich for my blood I had to try it on simply because I said I had to.  So I did. 

And I picked up this white shirt (Sophie Max, $68!!! not on sale!, XS--showed my belly!) off the dressing room closet floor and tried it on with it! .

Horrific.  Big, wide, too-many-donuts-and-cheeseburgers-hips do not pair well with swishy skirts.

But I tried.

Browsed the shoes at Charlotte Russe and thought, "How cute!" even though I know I'd never wear anything like these.

This here in what JCPenney calls their "essential shirt."  Whatever.  The dang thing is s t r e t c h y.  And the cuffs are so dang tight that you have to unbutton them to get the shirt on!  Maybe it's their "essential," but it's not my "practical."

(Worthington, size 10, on sale for $19)

Now these pants.  Old Navy.  A little too big but the next size down was too little.  (I'm fat.  And either brave or dumb for posting pictures of myself for the world to see.  Maybe I can reflect back on this post with my "after" pictures.)

I thought these two shirts would be cute with the pants, but no.  Awful, just awful.  But check out my forearm muscles!

(Old Navy pants Ultimate Straight, $29.50 on sale for $19.50)

Check out the shoes!  I loved them, had to have them, and have them I do.  Now I need a cute oufit to wear them with.  Or maybe just some nice jeans.

Jeans- that's another post for another time.  Oy.

(Shoes- Mid Scrf Wedge (whatever that means), $24.50)

So that's my first trip shopping for "executive casual."  One pair of pants and one pair of shoes (that I don't intend to wear to work) does not a wardrobe make.  I'll post more pictures and details when I get 'em.  I don't consider this a win.

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