Monday, November 14, 2011

A Tour? Sure!

It's been a long time since I've posted any pictures showing the current state of our house so allow me to update you via photography.

Standing at the carport door, this is the view into the kitchen.  At about 7ish is the laundry room, 10 is the dining room/sun room/extra tool shed.  At 3- the living room.  There's no door on the pantry cabinet, as you can see.  Our plan is to buy another pantry cabinet just like that one and put it in the bathroom and swap the doors since the kitchen is in fact not painted white and the door that belongs with this cabinet is.

Here's the nomadic paisley rug (it spent a month in the living room but decided to relocate to the kitchen last weekend) and a new-but-not-going-to-be-permanent nubby rug from Target.

Boots doesn't think it really "goes" and I'm not in love with it like the paisley rug so the decision to return it didn't take very long.

Here's the sorta sad looking laundry room.  The shelves walls need the paint touched up a bit and I plan to use baskets to keep all the stuff we throw up there corralled and hang a reedy-looking blind.  Maybe.  Maybe it will just be open.

Here we have the dining room/sun room/extra tool shed room.  And also winter storage greenhouse.  Boots flowers got moved indoors last week and Frank had himself a grand ol' time jumping in the one in front until I skirted it with a garbage bag.  Foiled again!

Another view of our mess!

This is the view of the corner part of the kitchen.

Back towards the carport door and the living room.

Is he smelling for chipmunks?  

Lots of painting to be done in this picture: the walls, the trim, the not yet existent quarter round, the door, the knobs (we really should just replace the door, it's old), a big strip of weather stripping or a door jamb or something is needed too.

Oh, and here's my little pet station for the kids' food.

There's always clothes on the couch.  Always!

The doors need to be painted, as well as the knobs, the trim and quarterround needs to be painted, curtains and/or blinds need to be bought and hung, a new rug needs to be found.

Down the skinny, narrow hall.

The Blue Room.  Pretty self explanatory, don'tcha think?

Boots is pulling the boards back up in that corner to lock together one that didn't get locked quite tight enough.

Our sad light.  I want to do something fun with the new light in here.  The paint is pretty much finished, I'd say this is our most complete room because quarterround being put down and painted.

Got to figure out some solution for closet doors.  (I hate bifolds!)

My chandy!

(I don't know what that big black thing to the right is.)

The very sad bathroom.

Boots just put the door back up a few days ago but it's got to come back down for some touch up painting on the door and the knobs.  See what power tools will do for ya?

We haven't touched the bathroom other than pulling up the old nasty floor when we had the leak so the whole thing has to be torn apart and put back together at some point.

At the end of the hall is a growing bag of I-don't-need/want-this-let's-chunk-it!

Got to do more sanding and painting here.  And change the switch.  Lots of switch changing to be done in this house.

This is our office.  Let's not even go in there.

Our bedroom with half the curtains up.  The paint needs work.

More clothes piled up everywhere, another switch that needs changing out.

More stuff!

Now you're looking towards our half bathroom which has nothing but a floor and needs a toilet, a sink, a mirror, paint, a new light, and curtains.  It currently houses vacuums.

Our chest of drawers/wedding shrine has been pushed into the closet.  Note the lack of bifold doors.  This closet really needs to go back to being a closet, complete with shelves and a bar for hangers.  In time.  At least that's what I tell myself.

And that's it for the inside!

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