Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Dining Room

This room was added onto the house, that's where the bricks come from.
I like 'em.
Paint them white?

I want to paint that paneling a light blue color but Boots isn't having it.
He crinkles his nose and looks at me like I should be committed each time I mention doing such a thing.

There's a big crack under that door that goes to the patio.
The home inspector said snakes would come in through that crack.
Why would snakes wanna come in somebody's house?
Don't they like living outside?

This room is going to be filled up quickly after we move Boots' grandmother's dining room furniture in here.

1 comment:

Leigh Ann Morrison said...

Paint the bricks & the paneling the same color and its makes the room look even bigger! Like, a sand color...